Mineral Springs Mall

Our Story

Mineral Springs opened in 1914 as a 90 room Hotel and Spa.. People came from all over the country for the mineral treatments.There was even a Dr. in residence who supervised the treatments. It was a beautiful and elegant place, and the hub of socializing. It was "The Place"!

The Luer brothers, who built the hotel, had intended to build an ice house for their meat packing business. on the property when a natural spring was discovered when drilling into the bedrock. The water was found to have a high concentration of minerals, felt to be beneficial to health, so the brothers built a Hotel instead. The 2 pools in the building were filled by the spring, and the water was bottled and shipped to many locations. As with any hotel, there were deaths from time to time, some murders, some suicides and some of natural causes. When exactly the hauntings began is not known, but people who have been on our tours and had relatives who were on the
hotel staff have reported hearing of uneasy feelings, especially in certain areas.

Our experiences in the past 8 years have included touching, cold drafts, temperature drops, disembodied voices, objects moved, shadow people, footsteps, whistling, a piano playing a few notes, music boxes playing a few notes, loud noises that have no explanation, objects falling, pictures of possible entities, countless orb pictures, and energy streaks.

mists formimg, and over 150 EVPs.

There are at least 6 ghosts that manifest repeatedly. We have death certificates and newspaper clippings for some of them. These are intelligent hauntings, that communicate on occasion. Join us for an evening on the most haunted tour in Alton.