Mineral Springs Mall

Historic Museum of Torture Devices

Featuring the Darkest Chapters of Human History

Torture Devices

Saturdays and Sundays, 12-4pm Admission: $5.00/person

Our unique, privately-owned collection of fascinating, historic torture devices features over 50 exhibits from nearly every corner of the globe.

Horrible contraptions like these were once used to punish, kill, maim, terrorize, traumatize, and force confessions — all in the name of “THE LAW!”

Exhibits Include:

  • The much-dreaded Chinese Death Cage
  • The Garrotte
  • The Rack
  • Thumbscrews
  • The Pillory
  • Vlad’s Impaling Pole
  • English “Brank” headcages
  • …and many more!
Available for group tours, School Field Trips weekdays by appointment.